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Ivend 6.6 replication issue

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Proposed Solution:-

Steps to perform to resolve the issue

1) Stop the Replication Service

2) Clear the Temp folder where iVend Replication Service is configured

3) Restart the concerned machine once.

4) Restart the SQL Server once.

5) Update the Replication Service

6) Start the Replication Service

7) validate the connection but it is good between is good between store and HO

8)Re-start the IIS

Cause: Problematic store database was corrupted.

Troubleshooting Step: Check the store database health. Run the below command in the store server database.

DBCC checkdb


iVend ver. 6.6 Patch (7723) (field LineNumber in TrxTransactionSaleItem to non identity)

Error Details - SendDumpProcessor: error : Cannot update identity column 'LineNumber'., paylaod :B448FEC3-B6FC-41F6-8891-0957FD7FA3FC : Site ID 1

Following are the Steps to resolve the Issue as:

Step 1:

Stop Replication App Pool at HO and Store through IIS (Internet Information Server)

Step 2:

On the receiving machine execute following commands as:

Delete from RepReplicationReceivedEvents Where ReceiveSiteId = <Site ID of the Site from where Data is coming>

Delete from RepReplicationReceivedPayload Where SiteId = <Site ID of the Site from where Data is coming>

Step 3:

Run the following queries on the Site i.e. transmitting the data

Delete from RepReplicationTransaction Where ReplicationTransactionKey NOT IN (Select ReplicationTransactionKey from RepReplicationTransactionDetailSend WITH (NOLOCK)) TRUNCATE TABLE RepReplicationTransactionDetail TRUNCATE TABLE RepReplicationTransactionDetailSend TRUNCATE TABLE RepReplicationSendDump Update RepReplicationTransaction SET SendDumpSequenceNumber = NULL Step 4: Open Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges' and run command IISReset at both Store and HO Start Replication App Pool at IIS both at Store and HO through IIS (Internet Information Server)

SQL count record to be received:

select (Sum(RecordCount1) + Sum(RecordCount2)+ Sum(RecordCount3)) As RecordCount

From (

Select Count(1) As RecordCount1, 0 As RecordCount2, 0 As RecordCount3

From RepReplicationTransaction With(Nolock)

LEFT OUTER JOIN RepReplicationTransactionDetail on RepReplicationTransaction.ReplicationTransactionKey = RepReplicationTransactionDetail.ReplicationTransactionKey

AND RepReplicationTransactionDetail.DestinationSiteId = 3

Where SendDumpSequenceNumber Is Null

AND RepReplicationTransactionDetail.ReplicationTransactionKey IS NULL


Select 0 As RecordCount1, Count(1) As RecordCount2, 0 As RecordCount3

From RepReplicationTransactionDetail With(Nolock)

Where DestinationSiteId = 3


Select 0 As RecordCount1, 0 As RecordCount2, Count(1) As RecordCount3

From RepReplicationTransactionDetailSend With(Nolock)

Where DestinationSiteId = 3

) A

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